Time To Meet Your God

Time to get with god. He’s out there somewhere. And you’re face to face with god ...

Arnaud took the title from a song by Ariel Pink. And the lyrics of the song convey the message of his design. It is an invitation to encouter and confrontation. 

With god - or whoever you interpret this concept - with another human being, or with yourself. If the two of you take a seat on this chair, you are practically sitting on each other’s lap. If you sit on it alone, it’s as if you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror. Don’t look away. Take the time to question yourself. Or to wonder who your god is.

A light and simple message, just like the object itself. Two chairs bound together by means of two bolts. The middle legs have been removed, and that gap tells us that everyone needs a god.

Text by Mieke Versyp
Group expo organised by onbetaalbaar